Terminology­­ management

Terminology governs corporate language – Your corporate language is an expression of your corporate culture. Although the extent varies, every company has its own particular and individual terminology. This ranges from product names and designations for particular processes right through to the way employees communicate with each other on a day-to-day basis.

We can help you manage your terminology and company-specific vocabulary using a web-based system or an offline glossary available to all employees.

This ensures that key terms and phrases are used in a consistent manner throughout the company. The glossaries and final text versions are stored in our database systems. Through a systematic comparison of new texts with completed projects, and rigorous integration of terminology and project management systems into our processes, we are able to ensure the highest levels of consistency, quality and efficiency.

Terminology management enhances recognition, both internally and externally. Language can give an enterprise its own unique identity, in much the same way as the company’s corporate design, letterhead, logo or website.