Press releases

Quality even with a tight schedule – The original text of your press release has already been coordinated on several levels at the company before being given final approval. What this normally means for the translation is that there is little time left before the scheduled publication date. Added to which, of course, is the necessity to produce a target language text that sticks as closely as possible to the original without sounding like a translation. In the target markets too, newspapers and magazines will only pick up company press releases when their language is of a quality high enough to be simply copied and pasted into the publication.

This is why we have a large number of in-house native speakers (predominantly of English, Spanish and French) at Leinhäuser and can also fall back on an extensive network of language specialists with whom we have long-standing and successful relationships. Not only are these specialists familiar with your company’s business, they possess the same linguistic skills as copywriters. Your press release will first be translated in a technically accurate way. In a subsequent step, it will be linguistically refined until it perfectly reflects the exact spirit and tonality of the original message. Applying the “four-eyes principle”, a team of at least two experts ensures that you can have complete faith in the end result.

If necessary, we will set up a stand-by service that guarantees this high level of quality even when working to a particularly tight schedule. Should you need your press release early on the following morning, our international network even allows us to call on translators working in different time zones.