Marketing campaigns

Your message to the world – Successfully internationalizing your marketing campaigns demands a thorough understanding of your brand message and products, along with detailed knowledge of the source and target medium. We support your international campaigns with a keen awareness for language and product, backed by our global network of experts.

Your campaigns are internationalized within the framework of our tried-and-tested transcreation processes. Here, the relevant texts need to pass through far more process phases than a conventional translation. It is helpful to be involved at an early stage, and many of our customers ask us for our input when they are preparing the source text. We can then make sure that key headlines, claims and other messages don’t contain terms that are ambiguous or not completely translatable. In a similar way to good copywriting, this requires detailed knowledge of cultural aspects in the target groups. By leveraging such cultural insights, we ensure that your visuals and marketing messages fit in perfectly with our texts and have the desired impact in the target markets.

We provide you with several translation variants to choose from for your campaigns, also adding explanations of how they express different nuances in the target language. During this coordination phase, our project managers act as linguistic consultants for you or your specialist department

At your side

The consulting expertise required for briefing (and possibly debriefing) has always been one of the key attributes of the Leinhäuser Language Services team. We take great pains to understand your corporate culture and your communication objectives, in the knowledge that this is vital to helping prepare a successful international campaign.

Greater efficiency from text to text

On request, we can bring greater consistency to your international communication by providing you with an online glossary that ensures the same key terms and phrases are also used in the future. The glossary and the final text version can be stored in our database system. By systematically comparing new texts against already completed projects, we are able to ensure consistency, quality and cost efficiency.