International SEO

Optimize your ranking – Our range of services also includes international SEO for a wide number of target markets. When optimizing content for search engines, cultural backgrounds and market characteristics play a critical role. This is why a direct translation of SEO keywords will rarely deliver the required results. With international SEO, it is vital that we choose exactly those keywords in the target language that users enter when conducting their searches. Thanks to our global network, we can provide this new type of expertise in numerous languages.

Effective international SEO is able to push your website into higher positions in organic (unpaid) search engine rankings and is therefore an important factor in successful online communication, both when redesigning or relaunching your website and as part of online campaigns involving formats such as microsites or landing pages.

Using SEO tools and analysis programs, we are able to carry out systematic evaluation and control of the SEO work we perform for you.
Our standard analyses and SEO services cover the following:

  • Main keywords, sub-keywords and supplementary keywords
  • Keyword prominence (headings, heading hierarchies)
  • WDF*IDF analysis
  • Title tags
  • ALT tags
  • Meta descriptions

Along with our SEO services, we also make recommendations with regard to:

  • URLs
  • Descriptions
  • Links