Audiovisual media

Texts for or embedded in audiovisual media – As well as carrying out translation and adaptation projects, we are also experts in handling audiovisual media. We can help you localize spoken texts for a wide range of target markets – from multilingual transcriptions or subtitles for conference recordings right through to a voice-over for your image film. Our team boasts a unique combination of linguistic expertise, cultural insight and technical know-how. We have experienced Account Managers who will be happy to explain the linguistic and technical options available for the translation of your videos. Your contact person will then guide you through the individual process phases – starting with transcription and translation and moving on to customer sign-off and the subsequent recording or subtitling.

Whether long or short, films often contain many different types of content, including off-camera speech, on-camera dialogs and superimposed texts, some of which may even be animated. There are a number of different ways to convert these texts into the target language, such as synchronization, classical voice-over or subtitles, and each of these methods has its own special challenges. Thanks to our extensive experience in this area, we are familiar with all the technical, linguistic and procedural issues, down to the smallest detail. We understand the requirements of all the stakeholders involved, such as the recording studio and the post-production team, and deliver our translations in a form that brings optimum efficiency in each subsequent process stage. There is therefore no need for any tedious, costly reworking before you, your creative agency or your production company is able to incorporate our translations. If you so prefer, we can take over the entire production process and deliver complete, localized versions of your videos. When you choose us as your one-stop provider, you can rest assured that you have entrusted the translation of your videos to a partner who possesses all the necessary linguistic and cultural expertise.

We provide the following audiovisual services:

Transcription: Transfer of spoken and superimposed texts (audio or video) into all target languages.

Subtitles: We deliver subtitles in all commonly-used formats, perfectly aligned with the editing and tempo in the original video. On request, we can even incorporate the subtitles into your videos.

Dubbing: We work with partner studios to dub your videos in the required languages. You simply need to decide which voices you want to use (choosing from the samples we send you) and we then take care of the entire recording process. If you want to be present in the studio during the recording, or listen in by phone, we will be glad to arrange it. What we deliver to you is the finished article – a ready-to-use audio or video file in the format you have specified.