Very different to the written word – Translating or revising a speech requires an excellent grasp of rhetoric and dialectic in the spoken discourse of the target language. At Leinhäuser, we therefore assemble a team of experienced native speakers to analyze the finer points, subtleties and wordplay in your speech and ideally transfer these to the target language. We make sure we use the perfect combination of longer and shorter sentences, identify the exact context of key statements and retain all logical dependencies.

If necessary, your Leinhäuser Team will diverge from the exact wording of the original, but will never change the spirit or meaning you intended to convey. Translating speeches requires cultural insights and the application of skills that are necessary for good copywriting. Local allusions, proverbs or political references frequently need to be completely rewritten in order to achieve the desired impact.

The goal is to make your message as equally interesting and understandable for the listener as it was in the original. This may involve splitting up sentences, moving elements to a different position or changing the sentence structure to improve the rhetorical flow. If you request us to do so, we will also add comments to your speech that contain suggestions for pauses, emphasis and the correct pronunciation of difficult words or names.