Language engineering

Technology-based translation processes and language engineering – We are proficient in all the technologies and tools used for pre- and post-processing during translation and transcreation projects. Our expertise in language engineering enables us to deal with all widely-used DTP formats as well as files in markup languages such html and xml.

We will find a way to export content from your CMS systems and import it again after translation. In situations where copying and pasting text was previously the norm (with all the associated possibilities of human error), we will program solutions that ease the strain on your budget.

The use of language engineering also minimizes the risk of mistakes. Our tools and technologies enable our translators to concentrate on their core competency – the actual translation itself. Everything else is dealt with by our internal and external programmers and managers.

As specialists in the handling of audiovisual media, we are also able to deliver subtitles and captions in all languages and commonly-used formats, as well as soundtracks or dubbed films. We provide tailored services that cover all the necessary process phases – from transcription and translation through to the technical integration of subtitles or dialog.

Language engineering is a further area in which established processes lead to continuing benefits further down the line. Subsequent projects of a similar nature will enjoy the same level of quality at a lower cost.