Standby service

A top team 24/7 – “We’re always there for you” is a pledge that’s meaningless without precise coordination and proactive planning. In our case, however, it’s a guarantee. If you require our services outside of normal office hours, we can organize an on-call team that is able to react within an extremely short space of time. At Leinhäuser Language Services, “standing by” has two important connotations: On the one hand, a standby service involves maintaining a constant readiness to address your needs in our own functions as managers and translators. On the other hand, standing by our customers is ingrained in our DNA. Keeping translators on-call is usually necessary during the most hectic phases of projects – and we pledge never to leave you alone at times when you need us most!

Incidentally, thanks to time differences, our worldwide network of specialists and translators can work for you overnight as well. We are there for you quite literally around the clock!