Fine-tuning a text – In addition to the peer-review process, a necessary quality check for translations that every project at Leinhäuser undergoes, editing fine-tunes a text’s style, and ultimately its tone. To make sure a translation doesn’t sound like a translation, the editor departs from the wording and structure of the original document and instead reformulates the stylistic and market-relevant aspects of the text. After all, particularly when it comes to publications and documents that are critical to your business and that need to “sell” an idea, it’s all about tone. The specific intensity with which a translation is edited depends on the complexity of its content and the overriding goal of its publication. It is therefore essential that customers provide our linguists with a content briefing or speak with them directly before we take out our red pens.

Your external proofreaders: Editing your existing texts

Of course, we also offer our editing skills for documents you already have in the target language or for texts we had previously translated for you. We proofread and edit to exactly the linguistic and stylistic degree you need. Here, too, it’s important that we discuss in detail how far we need to go with our edits to provide you with a final text that reflects the effort and priority you desire. This can range from a basic proofread all the way to a total rewrite, which might require portions of copywriting that delves into a specific subject area. One of the most common requests we get is to have our British or U.S. native English speakers rework English texts. Now it’s time for you to profit from our journalistic expertise!