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Company profile

Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH was founded in August 2010 as the legal successor to Leinhäuser und Partner Fachübersetzungen, a partnership company that had been in existence since 1997. The company is an established provider of a full range of translation, senior editing, transcreation and copywriting services in the domains of telecommunications, information technology, automotive, market research, finance and toys. Within these subject areas, the focus is mainly on business communication texts (internal and external), marketing and sales documents, annual reports and corporate finance. In contrast to many other spheres of translation activity, the quality demanded in these areas is extremely high. The texts pass through several review and quality assurance phases until they can no longer be distinguished from original documents written in the target language.

Change of legal form and expansion in 2010

The main reason behind the change of legal form and the transformation from Leinhäuser und Partner to Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH was the cessation of business activities by one of the company’s largest customers. This customer – LS Language Services – was one of the three translation departments belonging to Siemens AG in Germany. As part of various organizational entities, LS Language Services provided an in-house translation service for Siemens in Munich for a period of over 50 years. For 20 years of its existence, it operated as a profit center serving corporate headquarters units in Munich (including the Managing Board) and external top-name customers.

Owing to a carve-out of “Siemens IT Solution and Services”, the Siemens unit to which it belonged, LS Language Services ceased to operate on 1 October 2010. Due to the fact that the managements of LS Language Services and Leinhäuser und Partner had maintained a close business relationship over many years, it was possible to organize a transfer of the operative and commercial managers of LS, Ramón Blanco and Birgit Albrecht-Klein, to Leinhäuser Language Services. They were joined there by 4 other experienced account managers from LS.

Quality standard

To ensure that its high quality standard is reflected in its translation processes, the company decided in 2009 to apply for certification as a provider of translation services in accordance with the European Standard DIN EN 15038. The original audit and the re-audits in 2010 and 2012 were all successful. In 2016 we were certified by Dekra in line with ISO 17100.
This certification, only held by around 25 other companies in Germany, confirms that the holder complies with stringent requirements on its quality assurance processes and demands a high level of qualification from internal and external employees.

Value proposition

“Quality not quantity” is the motto by which the company operates. As specialists in translation, transcreation, copywriting and terminology management, we combine profound linguistic expertise with state-of-the-art technological know-how. We act as a full-service provider to implement complex internationalization projects for discerning clients. Leinhäuser Language Services creates added value for its customers. This is why the company sees itself more and more as a specialist partner for communication and marketing customers and less and less as a classical translation agency. Services such as internationalization, adaptation, transcreation and copy editing make up an ever greater portion of our service portfolio.