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What? When did iSEO get an international degree in semantics??

Google stopped checking for keyword meta tags to rank web content a while back. Today, the search engine relies much more on latent semantic indexing, which allows content to be ranked according to user intent and facilitates more accurate search results. Want to know how LSI keywords work and what that means for your International SEO campaigns? Read on to find out.  

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Who still needs specialist translations?

Specialist translations – the term alone conjures up images of distant days gone by and sounds like something taken from the dictionary of government-speak. “Specialist translations” – the words bring blood, sweat and tears to mind. They remind you of some forlorn figure wrestling deep into the night with texts written in foreign tongues that cover an encyclopedic range of…

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Internationalization case study: Artful translation processes help cut costs

For more than 11 years now, Leinhäuser Language Services has been translating all marketing communications for Panasonic System Communications Europe (PSCEU) in each European language the unit requires. The partnership is a good example of the success that can arise from effective translation processes. For one thing, the quality and speed of the translations improve. And, even more important, costs…

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LSP Trends 2017

Once the calendar changes each year, we at Leinhäuser begin talking once again about trends in our business. Three themes continually come up in these discussions. Each of them is hardly new. But we think that they will become increasingly important and play a key role in our business this year.

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Between the Management Board and the investor – translating annual reports

Beginning in mid-December, those days filled with Christmas cheer and anticipation, Leinhäuser Language Services is entering an intense season of the year: the time of annual reports. The first management reports begin showing up for translation, and the Leinhäuser account managers on the company’s financial communications team fine-tune their capacities. Translating quarterly, half-year and annual business report is one of…

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Being well briefed is half the battle

Being well briefed is half the battle – everyone can agree on that. So why are briefings always such a tiresome topic? Where are potential pitfalls? And why do briefings sometimes feel like tedious homework? A questionnaire will set things straight The attempt to approach a briefing with agencies by using standardized questionnaires most often ends in failure. After all,…

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ISO 17100 certification

Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH receives ISO certification and positive feedback on company’s strategy in audit Today in their auditing report, DEKRA Certification GmbH announced that Leinhäuser Language Services GmbH had successfully completed its ISO 17100 certification. The standard defines processes for the provision of translation services as well as the management of their quality and replaces the European code EN…

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